Wholistic Weight Loss Strategy Session

Are you struggling with chronic weight gain? Are you tired of the calories in and out formula that consist of crash diets, counting calories and militant exercises to manage your weight? Here at Wholistik we do things differently. Our approach to weight-loss is wholistic, so you can thrive mind-body-soul.

With the right tools everyone has the power to be their own healer.

Our Motto on Weight-loss

Loss= Destruction

When the mind-body-soul is heavy we experience Dis-harmony in the Whole being. It’s through Destruction of this Heaviness we find our way back home to our true selves.

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What I Do

I teach high-achieving professional women who are struggling with chronic weight gain, years of crash dieting and who are tired of strenuous workouts to become masters of their inner experience, reach their healthy weight and radiate from the inside-out in 90 days

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Wholistic Weight-Loss: A Mind-Body-Soul Approach for Wellness

The Healing Process

Healing is not a linear process. Healing is not the end, it is only the beginning of coming home to ourselves.This means it takes TIME, weeks, months, years or even a lifetime to truly heal from the darkest parts of ourselves. This is why it is vital to be guided through your process of uncovering your own trauma cycles. As I guide you through your process, it is important to stay patient, open, non- judgmental of yourself and stay excited and committed about your healing journey and the true essence of your soul will soon mirror.