About Natasha Dezonie

Holistic Entrepreneur, Expressive Arts Psychotherapist, Author, PhD Student, and Scared Woman Practitioner.

The Wholistik Living Project with Natasha Dezonie is a personal development and wellness transformation business. Our mission is to inspire, teach, and empower every person to overcome barriers caused by psychological traumas, learn how to make meaningful personal change and achieve their dream life.

Founder Natasha Dezonie is an entrepreneur and visionary in the world of human potential. The Wholistik Living Project was inspired by her own transformation journey. She is a sexual trauma survivor and was born in Jamaica, but moved to New York City when she was a teenager. As a result of childhood trauma, she grew up struggling with complex post-traumatic stress, low self-esteem, obesity and self-identity. Natasha’s life was transformed after she began living a wholistic lifestyle.

Natasha has dedicated her life to serving underserved communities in New York City as a licensed master social worker. She is a former mental health consultant with the New City  Department of Health and Mental Hygiene working with South Bronx public schools on developing mental health programs. Ms.Dezonie brings in-depth knowledge and expertise working with at-risk youths, families, mental health, psychological traumas survivors, homeless populations, and advocacy for adults living with HIV/AIDS.

She studied psychology for 15 plus years. Ms.Dezonie holds a master’s degree in social work from Stony Brook University and is a PhD candidate at Adelphi University. She is known as a retired mental health therapist, holistic health practitioner, and end-of-life doula. She is trained in using both motivational interviewing and illness management recovery evidence-based interventions. Natasha is strongly committed to a client-centered and strength-based approach to treatment.

Ms. Deoznie is creating a world-shift in consciousness and is widely known as a transformational facilitator, communicator, and leader. Today, the venue for her message may be one-on-one, organizations, schools, stadium settings, experiential seminars, online courses, and transformational travel intensives all over the world. Natasha now resides in Tanzania where she is a proud advocate for mental health, transformation and wholistic healing. Ms. Dezonie has a passion for the performing arts, traveling, communication, storytelling, neuroscience, wholistic healing and creative ways to connect with people.

Training & Certification

  • PhD student in Social Work Research
  • Licensed Master Social Worker, New York State Education Department
  • Master Social Worker, Stony Brook University
  • B.A Psychology, Queens College
  • B.S Business Management and Finance,  Brooklyn College
  • Sacred Woman Practitioner from Queen Afua University
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Illness Management Recovery
  • Mental Health Consultant
  • End of Life Doula

What Clients Say About Working With Natasha