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Thrive In All
Areas Of Your Life

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Natasha Dezonie

Natasha Dezonie is a licensed social worker in the state of New York. She is also a PhD in social work student at Adelphi University and a Holistic Health Practitioner at Queen Afua’s University. As a trauma informed clinical psychotherapist in private practice and social worker, Natasha often found that her client’s symptoms were often due to  adverse childhood experiences. 

As a trauma survivor herself, she often found herself frustrated by the limitations and  symptoms focused treatment of traditional psychotherapy and the social service fields. Wanting more for her clients—and for herself—she began a self-healing journey to develop a whole person approach to health and healing that provide people with the holistic health tools necessary to heal themselves.

Her specialty is holistic health approaches to combat the impact of adverse childhood experiences on psychological health, overall health and wellbeing. As your Trauma-informed Practitioner with over 7 years in service. She uses guided imagery, expressive arts, psycho-spiritual therapies method, breathwork and innovative tools designed to reconnect aspirants with their true authentic selves.

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Natasha Dezonie

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